Privacy Policy

The Red Dress respects your right to privacy and does not collect any personal information that is not submitted by the user (such as signing up for one of our mailing lists or creating a user account). In the event that we do obtain your e-mail address via submission, it will only be used for delivering sales information, order updates, or to send an invitation to subscribe to a newsletter, and will not be distributed to any third-party or subjected to commercial e-mail. The only possible way you will ever have your e-mail address subscribed to one of our newsletters is if you specifically verify the subscription by clicking a confirmation link in a verification e-mail. If you receive any other type of mail from The Red Dress other than direct correspondence, such as spam or virus messages, these messages are forged and were not actually sent by The Red Dress. You may also unsubscribe from any of our newsletters immediately by visiting the link provided at the bottom of each newsletter message. We have also taken precautions to ensure that our e-mail lists are not illegally obtained by an outside party, although we cannot guarantee that this isn't at least a possibility.Volusion may distribute cookies on your personal computer, but they do not collect any personally identifiable information (a.k.a. spyware). The purpose of these cookies is merely to provide visitors with richer navigation and to maintain whether or not you have added any items to your shopping cart. All copyrights and photo's of The Red Dress are reserved and cannot be used without permission.